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Aunegården is a historically significant building with a rich past dating back to the early 19th century. The property was originally established around 1830, featuring a trading post and warehouse, while the main house that stands today was constructed around 1860. Notably, Aunegården is one of the few buildings that survived the devastating city fire of 1969, despite facing the threat of demolition, even championed by some influential politicians.


Early Owners

The property's early ownership saw several changes, passing through the hands of notable figures such as Fredrik Hansen, Martin Figenschou, Even Holmboe, C. L. Buck, and O. M. Schøning. In 1859, Hilmar Holmboe, son of Even Holmboe, took over the krambod and pakkhus and later oversaw the construction of the current main house, believed to have been completed by 1860.


Hans Dreyer

In 1865, the property was acquired by Hans Dreyer, succeeding his brother, Chr. Fr. Dreyer. Hans Dreyer, a merchant and agent, established his own business at Sjøgata 29, contributing to the commercial vibrancy of the area. He married Regine Mikkelsen from Tromsø and operated the business until the mid-1870s.


O.L. Aune

Ole Larsen Aune, a butcher from Byneset in Trondheim establishes his business inside the building. He and his family lived inside the house on the upper floors and operated the Aune butcher shop in the basement.

1885 - 1995

Northern Norway's oldest butcher shop

The O.L. Aune butcher shop is run by his children and grandchildren throughout the turbulent 20th century, through the second world war and a devastating city fire in 1969. The butcher shop is run for over a century.

after 1995


After the closure of the butcher shop the house was saved from demolition and restored. Converted to a restaurant, cafe and served delicious cakes for many years. In the summer of 2023 Aunegården has beeg converted to a bar, and opened it's doors to the public after years being closed on the 21st of July.

We are temporarily closed to renovate our kitchen. We are expected to reopen in August.