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We are a team of international people passionate about spirits, history, service and a good time. Our passion for spirits extends beyond mere enjoyment of their flavors; it encompasses a deep appreciation for their historical significance and cultural heritage. We take pleasure in exploring the stories behind each drink, tracing their origins, and more. In our approach to service, we aim not just to meet expectations but to exceed them, providing memorable experiences are at the core of what we do. Whether it's recommending the perfect cocktail, sharing interesting tidbits about a particular spirit's history, or simply offering a warm and inviting atmosphere, we strive to create moments that leave a lasting impression.
We are part of a bigger Family, a local company called Æventyr.


Æventyr is a premier destination management company in Northern Norway, dedicated to providing travelers with a world-class experience in one of the world's most breathtaking natural environments. Our portfolio includes premium Scandinavian-inspired hotels, a variety of restaurants serving both Norwegian and international cuisine, and a curated selection of high-end activities designed to showcase the best of Northern Norway.

We are temporarily closed to renovate our kitchen. We are expected to reopen in August.